March 04, 2007

When not to download your mentation (Part II)

Sometime back I had written "when-not-to-download-your-mentation".

Here's one case study...

When we joined MBI we were put up in Le Meridian Hotel for the 1st week. There we met this gentleman called Krishna who loved talking to young lads. And those days we were young :-) So Krishna was glad to see us. He befriended us and started speaking his heart out. He enquired about our hobbies and we babbled something. For courtesy sake we asked him his hobby and he said "trekking". He started talking about trekking and went on to describe the best place he has ever trekked. That place happened to be near to our college. He got excited and started describing the trek and the place: "This place comes after Pookode lake. You will have to trudge up the hill; a difficult walk; and then descend a bit; and there you will see this BEAUTIFUL green-clad lake in the shape of a heart - the most serene scene I have ever seen!". We all listened… and after a while left to our respective rooms...

In the room, my friend Sandy started mocking Krishna, imitating his description about the place. I was amused at Sandy's skill to imitate Krishna and joined the other gang in laughing and ridiculing Krishna. We were young, inexperienced, and unaware how to appreciate what Krishna had said. We had no doubts that Krishna was boasting out of hubris trying to project himself as an adventurous cool guy.

Years passed.

We started getting interested in hobbies like... Trek. My friends got a chance to go to a place called Chembra. Somehow I couldn’t make it with them. They had a nice trek; were excited to be at Chembra; came back and described to me that place! Their description rang the bell in me. It met what Krishna had mentioned years ago. I asked them where Chembra is located. They said it is near Pookode lake!

Question: Was Krishna wrong in sharing his experience with a bunch of young foolish lads? Shouldn't he NOT download his mentation amongst the wrong audience?

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Leena said...

Well said.