March 04, 2007

Naadi Astrology

The first time I heard about Naadi astrology from a good friend of mine I was surprised. She was well educated, ambitious and forward looking. Why does she believe in this so blindly? May be because the Naadi Shastra predicted that she will settle abroad and will be very rich. Girls fall for it. Who would want to deny the imagination of a prosperous future?

I came across Naadi, the second time, through a blog. It was about how a guy conned a Naadi astrologer and made him predict wrong! Unfortunately I don't have that link with me. (I had forwarded that link to my Naadi-believer-friend.)

Why am I mentioning this today? In today's TOI I came across this news item which talks about a customer suing his Naadi astrologer! Cool!

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