March 03, 2007

The Lake House Riddle

Were you able to interpret the ending of the movie - "The Lake House"? I took it as a riddle! There could be two (or maybe more) interpretations of the ending. I believe the 1st one, given below, makes more sense.

Interpretation 1: Kate dashes to the lake house hopping to save Alex. She puts the note in the mailbox and waits... and waits... to realize that she can't get Alex back! That he is already dead! She is heart broken and... she dies there... on that spot. Her soul doesn't realize that she is dead. And so it continues the wait till Alex (Alex's soul of course) steps in and hugs her.

Interpretation 2: Caveat: This interpretation can have lots of loopholes as I'm trying to patch the inherent flaw of the storyline, which is, resurrecting Alex - a tough ask. But for those who love happy endings, I guess this might be acceptable...: When Alex realizes that Kate won't talk to him, he plots a plan. As per the plan he gives the key of the lake house to Kate's boy friend. This he did to make sure that he is constantly there in her mind. Once that was done he wanted 'sympathy' to do the rest of the job - he wanted her to think that he is dead! So that... 'guilt' would turn her into him. For that he decides against turning up at Il Mare (the restaurant) in 2006. And in 2008, he tells his younger brother to tell all the customers - who enquires about him - that he is dead. When Kate learned about Alex's death (false death) she is heart broken. Guilt and love makes her rush out from Henry's office. She reaches the lake house to meet... ALEX! Da..Da.. Happy Ending!

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