March 06, 2007


"I HATE it when people look at me that way"
"I HATE it when THAT happens"
"I HATE it when THIS happens"
"I HATE when bla bla bla..."

Have you not heard some people using the word HATE here-and-there in their conversation? Have you...? I have! Sometimes I wonder if 'HATE' is leading such people's life.. and not 'LOVE'! Do these folks realize the negative impact they create in their own mind and others'? Perhaps not. Perhaps they don't realize that 'HATE' is the opposite of 'LOVE' - a feeling that is considered to be the best of all the lot! Which would imply that, they don’t realize that ‘HATE’ is the worst of all the feelings! And by using that word here-and-there they are proclaiming to the whole world that they are filled with that 'worst feeling'. Gosh!

Using the word HATE without second thoughts is like using the word FUCK. Keep using 'FUCK' here-and-there and see (a) how your behavior changes over a period of time and (b) how people start approaching you in a different way (negative way of course). Same is the case with 'HATE' or as a matter of fact, any negative words. So... if you are a person who is addicted to using negative words esp. HATE or FUCK, please try not to do so. Else people like me will run away from you...

Before signing off… here's one video clip for you… which you may NOT HATE. :-)

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