March 05, 2007

BSNL STD Locking...

A few days back I figured out that BSNL has blessed my phone with STD facility without me requesting for it!! That perhaps explained why my Feb BSNL bill shot up to Rs 1505/- !! I suspected unsolicited outgoing calls. With the resolve to get the STD facility 'locked' I dialled +91 80 25701000 - my exchange's help desk on these matters. The lady at the other end guided me with some instructions. As and when she was guiding me, I thought "This info could be there in the net". I did a google and to my joy saw those instructions in the net. Here it goes...


E10B & OCB Exchanges DIAL

EWSD Exchanges DIAL

i) Password Registration

123 xxxx xxxx

xxxx :dial twice you r4 digit


123 0000 xxxx

xxxx : your 4 digit


ii) Allow all Calls

124 xxxx 0

iii) Bar only STD Calls

124 xxxx 1

iv) Bar STD Trunk (180) & Internet (172) Calls

124 xxxx 2

v) Allow NSD, Cellular, Local & Trunk Calls

124 xxxx 3

vi) Bar all Out going Calls

124 xxxx 4

vii) Allow Local but Bar Cellular Calls

124 xxxx 5

viii) Change your Password

123 xxxx yyyy Where, xxxx : Existing Password & yyyy : New Password.

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