March 04, 2007

Black Friday

Watched the movie Black Friday. I liked it quite a bit. After watching the movie I did some googling to know more about Rakesh Maria. I hit upon this article that has his statement on the recent Bombay Blasts (25-Aug-2003). Words of wisdom gained from his experience:
Unlike the 1993 serial blasts in which the underworld was used to plant 12 bombs that killed over 250 people, these blasts are performed by a different brand of people, says Maria. There is a rapidly growing list of men - and now women - who are committed to a cause and will do whatever it takes for that. They are not paid to do the work. These men are in fact well-educated and have held good jobs. For instance, of the 23 who have been arrested in connection with the recent explosions, five are engineers, three are doctors, two are doctorate holders, one is a Master of Business Administration and another is studying for his doctorate. "We need to understand what society is doing to make these people resort to this form of terror," says Rakesh Maria.
I'm sure the communalist political leaders of India will laugh at his statement...

Rakesh Maria

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