March 05, 2007

EDI report and the trap

Kerala topped again! This time in Educational Development Index (EDI). [ I have appended this info to my previous blog: "A peek into HDI" ]

After reading the news item the question that came to my mind was: is Kerala aware of the trap laid? Are the foolish Kerala politicians going to rejoice the "sabashi"; ignore the trap and demand nothing from the Center?

The news item states: "In its action-taken report, the Ministry said that as much as 51 per cent of the total outlays under the SSA had been allocated in 2006-07 to Bihar, UP, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan which have been treated as Special Focus States."

I would read that statement as: "More money for the cow-belt-states that underperformed; and less money for Kerala"! Is this fair? Was it due to the Center funding that Kerala made huge strides in education? NO! Has the Center given sufficient support to Kerala to let it achieve this enviable position? NO! On the contrary the Center has created hurdles for the state. Forgot incidents like moving out the IIT prospect from the Kerala platter?

Kerala Politicians awake! Go and ask the Center: "Why penalize us for performing well? Give us more funds"

PS: I'm no "kattarvadi". Just pointing out the trap.

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