December 18, 2006

When not to download your mentation...

Sometimes it is dangerous to share a piece of thought. If you find yourself struggling to contain the thought in words, that is when you should realize the lingering of the danger - of misinterpreting your thought. Certain thoughts are not meant to be expressed. Your lose grip on the language would have clamped down your ability to let that thought express itself freely, in its full form. A mentation expressed partially can cost you dear. Quoting your thought out-of-context and dragging you to a full blown argument is just one of the results of the inability of the listener to digest your thought properly.

The linguistic skill of the listener or reader also has got an impact... but relatively less. If the numbers of such folks are in majority, or that particular person is important to you, it is better to keep the thought to you. Lest you will hurt yourself.

There is another place where you should not express your thoughts or ideas - in a big meeting. If you are having a genuine, nice piece of idea, which is out-of-the-box, and you do not want to see it being gang raped, keep mum. Express it at the right place and get the concurrence from the crucial members before taking it to such a large gathering.

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