December 04, 2006

Two Lives

Completed Two Lives of Vikram Seth. In the mid, even though it was a bit dragging, I liked it. Especially the ending – the flashback. It has the touch of a movie – a movie’s dream ending. In fact, I think Two Lives has a story line that can be scripted into a movie or a serial - an 'art' movie/serial... of course.

Another aspect of the book is that it makes you think about various things that happened in the 20th Century. It also makes you think about old age - yours and your parents.

Here are some of the notable quotes of the book.

Shanti: God created man, but he was lonely, and then he created woman. From that time neither has God been happy nor man...

Fred: There is no purpose of war. It is foolish. You have to sign papers at the end, so why not before.

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