December 18, 2006

The Candy Dish

Once upon a time, when I went to US to work in the US branch of my company, my friends and I came across this cubicle of a lady, who used to keep lot of candies in a dish on her desk. She used to leave the dish, filled with mouth-watering candies, out in the open. If you have been to US, you would be knowing that it is a common practice to leave candies, pastries etc in the common place/room/desk to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries etc. Please note the word "common place/room/desk"; NOT private cubicles or desks.

Just as how cats and fishes are inseparable, we unsophisticated, naive Indians found those candies quite hard to resist. The late night work, growling stomach and the unguarded candy dish - brimming with chocolates - made us commit that crime: Every night, we started picking a few candies from that dish. The longer the night stay, the more the chocolates started vanishing. Soon the true owner of the candies - the lady - realized that there is something fishy going on. She locked her candy dish in her cabinet and thus ended our rendezvous with her candies.

We thought the story ended there. But we were wrong. A few years later, Scott Adams published this story in his cartoon...

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