December 03, 2006

Home sweet home

After draining the beer and wine down my throat at my friend’s, I should have anticipated this: When I woke up this morning, something seemed to be wrong. I couldn’t point out what it was. Just that my tummy was not feeling great. I heeded to my tummy’s advice and skipped my breakfast, just to ignore it in the noon, when I had a Biriyani at Anne's Mess. And that turned out to be a bad decision.

The protest of my tummy worsened in the afternoon. I could sense an indigestion coming on my way. With my fingers inside my throat, I tried to throw up the Biriyani I had stuffed in. That didn’t work! I had lots of water and I tried to ignore the cry of my tummy. I watched a movie to divert my attention. All those attempts failed. The idea of walking into a medical store and asking for Carmicide didn't please me. So I decided to try the last resort. I picked up my cell and dialed home. I asked my mom for a home made remedy. Quick came the reply: Have a glass of weak-lemon tea, very strong in lemon, stirred with more salt and less sugar.

I kept the cell, made the home-made-remedy and drank it. After a while I burped and felt the relief coming.

Tring Tring... My phone rang. It was my mother at the other end.

“How are you feeling?”
“Better. I burped. Felt good after that. I'll have the same stuff after some time.”
“No. Wait. Have this. Mix equal quantities of ginger juice, honey and lemon. And drink it.”
“Be careful when you extract the juice out of the ginger. Too much ginger can burn you fingers. Remember… your sister had once burned her fingers”
“Ok. I’ll take care of it”
“I'll check on you after a while.”
“Ok. Talk to you later”

I kept the receiver and thought: No matter how old you get, you can always call home! Your parents are always there to solve your problems - big or small! Isn't that lovely? Isn't that great?

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Shubha said...

You cud've called up your sis as well.Infact, its she who reminded mom the whole idea of ginger+honey+lemon :)Wht say ;)