December 18, 2006

Brain upgrade

Does it bother u that i ping u sometimes?” A good friend of mine IMed me that question. I knew the reason behind that question. For the past few weeks, my IMs were getting shorter and shorter and emitted less warmth. What to do… Past weeks saw many things running in parallel through my brain. The parallel processing capacity of my brain is very bad and my mind doesn't do a good context-switching. I wish I could upgrade my brain ;-) Anyways, the result of this poor show by my brain is reflecting in my interpersonal relationship. I wish human beings, esp. me, had a better context-switching programmed in their brain. Perhaps the distant future can offer some solution to it. And perhaps, in the near future, I can train my brain to be more careful not to let my surroundings know that I'm very poor in multi-tasking and context-switching...

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