December 04, 2006


Have you come across the word 'polyamorous'? The definition in says: pertaining to participation in multiple and simultaneous loving or sexual relationships. The Mistress Matisse blog, which I stumbled upon, says: "Polyamorous means one can (and usually do) have more than one romantic relationship at a time. Poly can be a challenging and dynamic relationship."

For the conventional heart and brain, this is blasphemy. It is like having a mistress with the approval of one's wife! Polyamorous 'legalizes' this relationship. But then... this sort of relationship has been there for centuries. During old days, it was okay to have multiple wives. That was never considered as a sin. Today, in most communities, it is very bad to have multiple partners. A few years back, gay and lesbian relationships were a taboo. Today it is getting more and more acceptance. Companies like IBM conduct formal gatherings to address the concerns of gays and lesbians. I guess 'polyamorous' waits a similar fate. Today's sin and aberration might become tomorrow’s norm. As time moves, the definition of sin changes. Sin is nothing but a function of time.

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