February 14, 2007

Magical Realism

When I was preparing for a long flight, a very good friend of mine, for whom I have high regards, recommended “One Hundred Years of Solitude” to spend my time with. I read that novel and found it quite crazy. I wondered why it was one among my friend's favorite books. A few months later I hit on my princiapal’s (NITC former principal) blog and came to know that the same book is his favorite too. The question gripped me - Why couldn't I appreciate that book as much as these two folks did? The answer appeared when I caught the word “magical realism” and the connection of the book with Columbian history. The circle of realization was complete when I could recollect how much I appreciated Salman Rushdies' “Midnight's Children” - another book that has brought fwd magical realism in a beautiful way...

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