February 22, 2007

Dream Mentor Programme

The orientation session of the Dream Mentor Programme conducted by Dr. Dave ( Dr. David C. Pearson ) and Dr. Fi ( Dr. Fiona C. Pearson ) offered something new to chew...

1) Dr. Dave said that the influence of a kid’s environment on him/her lasts for a lifetime. The effects of the environmental influence under which a 10-week-old-kid was brought up would show up when the kid turns 10!! He also said that from the moment the child is conceived, the environment starts influencing his/her nature and thereby his/her future. Which leads to the conclusion that one can predict the future of a kid based on where and when the child was conceived! E.g. the probability of the kids of beggars ending up as CEOs is very very less. The environment in which they continue to live will not let their mind loose the knot that was tied by their surroundings! If what Dr. Dave said is true, it could very well mean that astrology might have something to offer.

2) On Anxiety: Dr. Dave gave this good example. Assume you are dog-phobic and there are some street dogs between your home and a bus stop. To go to school you have to catch the school bus at the bus stop. Now... due to the dog phobia you tend to develop a dislike to get into the bus and later… to go to the school. This dislike will linger for quite sometime even if the dogs are removed. The dislike originated due to anxiety and is lingering there, being an impediment to your personal development. Such situation is common in the case of underprivileged kids. They have a troubled home and poor parents. They have to handle the anxiety caused by their background before stepping out to reach out to a bright future.

Drave and Fi said that more will be covered in the future sessions. Looking fwd to it...

PS: Will affirmative actions like reservation help the upliftment of these kids?

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