February 19, 2007

Funny NITC Notice

Given below is the notice that was published in NITC notice boards on Feb-8-2007. It is kinda funny because college is considered to be the cradle of free-thought and through this notice/order the Director of NITC is attmpting to curtail the freedom of thought and speech - a fundamental right of an Indian - guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. Click here to get a background of the court order mentioned in the notice below


DO/14/07 February 8, 2007

Sub : Prevention of undesirable activities among the student community - reg

As you are aware, this Institute has an excellent record of academic performance and the Government of India is now in the process of uplifting it to new horizons. In the process of its growth, considering its importance as an Institute of National Importance, the Government of India look on us for input to all their policy matters.

With deep regret, it is noticed that a fraction of our student community indulges in activities which the Law had instructed to be curbed or tabooed for the salvation of educational system through rulings of the Hon'ble Court of Law on student politics in College campuses. Therefore, the Director appeals to the entire student community to keep themselves away from such activities that will tarnish the image of the Institute.

At the same time, it is brought to the notice of the students that acting against the rules of the Institute and Law of the land, that putting flags, posters, banners other than official ones and organizing or attending meetings other than official ones will automatically attract stringent disciplinary action to maintain peace in the campus. Needless to mention that consumption of alcoholic drinks and smoking inside the campus against the code of conduct of the Institute will invite remedial punitive measures. All these undesirable activities will contribute to spoiling of their personal records in the Institute. The student records will be made available to all the prospective employers during placement and later, if necessary. Hence all students are directed to abstain from any illegal activities and be productive and proactive in their academic front.

The Director appeals to the student community to realize the amount of confidence reposed in them, by their parents and the Governmental patronage through poor tax payer's money, and work for the noble objectives expected of each one of us.

Director, NITC

All student Notice Boards including Hostel Notice Boards,
All Deans,
All HODs for reading in classes
All faculty members

Copy to: All Parents

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