February 07, 2007

A cinema and a laptop

7:10 PM. We looked at the clock before rushing out to get my bike. The show is at 7:15. Got to get the tickets before the movie starts. My friend doesn’t like missing even the 1st few seconds of a movie. With the crowded streets giving way to the thumping bullet, we managed to reach the cinema theater on time. We rushed to the ticket counter; grabbed the tickets and hurried to the security-desk for security clearance. After frisking us and checking my friend's backpack the security personnel declared that we can't get in the theater. Reason? There is a laptop in the bag and that is a security threat!!! How? Why? I don't know! Can you think of a reason? Is it possible to pack RDX in a laptop? Is that the reason? I'm clueless. My neurons couldn't churn a reason. Neither could the security personnel give a reason. I’m looking forward to meet the security head of any of the multiplexes to clear my doubt.

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