February 19, 2007

Hole in my pocket...

Servicing your Nikon DSLR camera in Bangalore can pinch your pocket dearly. It cost me Rs 3367/- to just clean the CCDs of my D70. Nikon's authorized service center in Bangalore (for its digital products) is located at Infantry Road. The address is given below
INTER FOTO India Pvt. Ltd.
310 Kedia Arcade
92 Infantry Road
Bangalore 560001
Tel: +91-80-41132935
website: http://www.interfoto.in
I was advised to approach one person (not authoized by Nikon) in Cambridge layout, Ulsoor, to get the stuff done for Rs 750/-. My excessive love for my camera, and fear of Nikon repudiating the D70 in case of any damage, made me rule out that option. Next time I guess I need to get the cleaning liquid and try CCD cleaning on my own.


Cameli said...

I thought it was your first n last love...

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Cameli, Photography is one among my firt loves. Certainly not my last. I'm thinking of ways to reduce the cost of the high-maintenance-love ;)