February 15, 2007

Financial Intelligence

Take a look at the violet colored two storey building below...

Now take a look at the small-hut-like-building below...

That is where the owner stays. He is a taxi driver. The area where he has built this house is called Ejipura, Bangalore. During old days, people used to consider Ejipura as a slum area. Today, most of the Ejipura tenants are Software Engineers who owe NO apartment like this. Who is financially more intelligent? - Taxi Driver OR Software Engineers?

This reminds me about a conversation my friend had with an Auto driver.

The driver was in a very good mood to talk… So he starts…

Auto Driver: So sir... How are you? In which company do you work?

My friend (suspiciously): Mmmm… MBI

Auto Driver: Good good! You should be earning quite well!?

My friend (suspiciously and showing no interest in the conversation): Yes yes…

Auto Driver: How much?

My friend (with suspicion and surprise, but with a hope to cut the conversation): Rs 12,000/- per month.

He had purposefully reduced his salary amount. Why reveal it to an Auto-Rickshaw driver?

Auto Driver: That is quite less. Are you a fresher? My son gets more. He joined this year. He earns more than you.

My friend (startled but with admiration and with an interest to continue the conversation): That’s good. You should be proud of your son and yourself. You have made him a software engineer.
Auto Driver: Yes sir. I’ll be happier when my second son gets into an MNC. He is doing his final year BE.
My friend (with admiration): Your second son is doing his engineering! That’s cool. So once he is done you can take a break from this rickshaw job

Auto driver: No sir. I have a daughter. I want to make her a doctor. And also I need to build a house for her. I have already built two houses for my sons.

My friend: ….. Has no words. He kept listening to whatever the driver said with occasional one or two questions and clarifications

Who has more financial intelligence? - Auto Driver OR Software Engineers?

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