February 13, 2007

Ads and valentine's day

There is this ad taking rounds in Bangalore FM channels... : "So... what did your sweetheart gift you on this valentine’s day? - A diamond necklace? A diamond ring? A candle light dinner at a five star hotel?"

Thanks to the crazy ads that come through all sorts of media, gone are the days when a rose would convey all that really matters - LOVE!. Some ads give the impression that nothing less than a 40-cent VVS1 singleton diamond pendant will do. For the selling companies Feb is the season to increase their sales. And these ads help them a lot for sure. For the consumer, it leaves a bad taste. The word "Feb-14" raises the alarm; the prices of the gifts drops one's heart to his/her belly. A fortune need to be spent to keep your sweet-heart happy. He/She thinks that the norm is to splash money to convey how much their better half matters to him/her! The world... i mean the ads... say so...!

Thanks Mr. Valentine. You have given the business houses a good opportunity to stuff their purse.

Before you sign off, take a look at this valentine video. You might like it...

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