September 30, 2006


What is Ashraf? In Arabic it means "more distinguished". You might be having a friend or two with this "more distinguished" name. For the meat eaters in Ejipura, Bangalore, that is the name of a "more distinguished" non-veg dish - beef! Question: In Bangalore, why can't one call beef, BEEF! Why give it a pet name "Ashraf"?

In most parts of India, except Kerala, North-East India and Kashmir, cow slaughter is banned. If you eat beef you are hurting the sentiments of non-beef eaters! Sounds illogical? How can your consumption of beef hurt a non-beef eater? To answer that question, please answer the following questions first.

1. Is it fair to force your non-veg friend to give up non-veg because it hurts you when he eats non-veg?
2. Is it fair to force your pork-eating non-muslim friend to give up pork because it hurts you when he eats pork?
3. Is it fair to force your onion-eating non-jain-veggie friend to give up onion because it hurts you when he eats onion?
4. Is it fair to force your beef-eating friend to give up beef because it hurts you when he eats beef?

If your answers to the above questions are “No”, then you are wrong! Ask the Hindu Talibans of secular democratic India. Their answer to the 1st three questions would be a “No”. And for the last it would be a “Yes”. So it indeed hurts a non-beef eater to learn that beef eaters eat beef! So you better quit eating beef. Still puzzled? It doesn’t fit into your scheme of logic? Well... then my friend, realize that Logic is the systematic way to come to the wrong conclusion with confidence. So give up logic if you want to live, esp. among Talibans.

Btw, the mess that used to serve Ashraf - that "more distinguished" non-veg dish - stopped serving it after some Hindu Taliban broke the “Ashraf” code word :-(.

Secular India kee jai...

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