October 01, 2006

Dussarah and Gandhi Jayanthi

"Hi, Monday is a Holiday!"
"Yep I know..."
"It is Dussarah, right?"

And my eyes popped out at that question. My expression spoke for me. Failing to understand why I gave that face, my friend continued...

"What happened? It is Dussarah. That is why we have a holiday this Monday!"

Ok... He is not joking. He really doesn't know the significance of the day.

"It is Oct 2nd!!"

It was his turn to give that puzzled expression.

I said: "It is Gandhi Jayanthi!!"
"Oh... ok. Dussarah falls on the same day. In my place, that is more important"

I don't think "Dussarah" earned him his freedom to talk like that. Gandhi did. But who cares about Gandhi. He has become old fashioned and has vanished to oblivion. For most people he is the guy whom you can see on the Indian Rupee Notes.

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