October 02, 2006

My last day in 216-Kleopatra

My diary note:

It was a VERY hectic day. The last day of any consignment - shipping metallic-ore to home in batches - is always hectic. Managing them is tough. Good that today is my final day here in 216-Kleopatra. I was asked to get back home to manage some other work item... and I'm overjoyed. I hate traveling out of my home planet. But can’t help it. Sometimes have to do it. Home planet needs my service. Resource hunting in asteroids like 216-Kleopatra is vital to keep things running back home. Unable to sleep due to the excitement of returning back to earth, I stepped out from my bed.

Everyone was still sleeping so I went to the window and gazed at the Earth slowly gracefully rotating underneath….

What I mentioned above is very much possible! The last paragraph was lifted from Anousheh Ansari's blog. She has written it as if it quite normal! As if it has become part of her life - inseparable! Read that last paragraph once again. Savor it! You might be saying that soon... :-)

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