October 06, 2006

An Ostrich Act

Tiny little acts can make one lose his reputation and the respect others have for him.

I have (had) high regards to the protagonist of this story.

Before this incident took place, my regard to this guy - one of my bosses - was = 8/10. I had fixed an appointment on Friday with him to discuss certain issues. On the day, few minutes before the meeting was supposed to take place, I pinged him to check his availability. No response. I waited for a while. Our IM tool has this feature of checking whether the other person is typing something or not. I observed that he had typed something and then retracted. I guessed he was really busy. So I decided not to bother him. Hoping to catch him later I closed my IM window.

Regard to this guy is still = 8/10.

After a few days I catch him again on IM. This time he responds and asks me: "Why didn't you ping me last Friday?"
I'm taken aback: "I did!"
"Strange I didn't get your message!"

Regard to this guy = minus-minus

Moral of the story: Don't try to do an Ostrich Act. You will lose others’ respect.

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