September 22, 2006

The tale of two Oxes and my mentations...

This tall white ox with beautiful horns and toned muscles is a treat to watch. It is gentle and has a strict diet and exercise regimen. It works very hard; every day; earning each and every chunk of his bread. He is the bread winner of his owner too. But he lacks one thing - the scrotal sack with its content.

This spotted ox is short and has good flab. He does nothing all day. He has a big fan following though. I have spotted him on the top of a small hill surrounded by the fairer sex of his species. His balls are intact.

  1. Are hard working guyz void of balls?
  2. If the world realizes that one works hard, do they take their balls off?
  3. Is the fairer sex attracted to balls and nothing else?
  4. Once your balls are taken out, do you achieve enlightenment that makes you look down at having sex?
  5. Am I crazy to find philosophy in an ox sans balls?

I think the last one is the right question to ask ;-)

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