September 24, 2006

Barber, don't dress my hair...! sniff sniff

Have you not seen some infants and toddlers crying when the barber dresses their hair? They simply can’t bear the sight of the scissor tearing down THIER dear hair. Seeing them cry out of 'pain', sometimes I wonder if their nervous system has expanded to their hair strands.

Sometime back, when I used to be a young child, I abhorred even the thought of cutting my hair just before my exams. A strange theory was behind it. I believed that when I study, some amount of info used to 'pass' to my hair. Cutting them will make me lose that info stored in my 'hair', resulting in I giving a poor show during the exams. Perhaps the story of Samson conjured my imaginations to inculcate that 'theory' in me.

I am wondering what 'theory' these infants and toddlers have in their mind.... Someday I hope to befriend one such kid or his/her parent and figure out the reason behind the weep and pain.

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