September 27, 2006

Best friend(s) vs Good friend(s)

How many best friends do you have? One?... two?... ten?... or none?

A good friend of mine threw that question to me. My answer? None. And the reason? I wasn't sure what a best friend looks like. I have got 'good' friends but perhaps no 'best' friend(s). Phat came the next question: What is the definition of a good friend? Since I had said that I don’t have any best friends, she spared me from defining what a best friend is.

The only definition I could think of was, a good friend is one whom I can (1) Call anytime AND (2) Spend my time with him/her easily. Add some ingredients like 'trustworthiness' and 'reliableness' to it and you will get the definition of a 'good friend'.

So how many 'good' friends do you have? Didn't someone say "When you die, if you've got five 'good' friends, you've had a great life"? I think it was Nicola Iacocca - Lee Iacocca's father.

1 comment:

shyama said...

call anytime. good characteristic. Guess that eliminates a few people frm my list of good friends...