September 30, 2006

A theft and a weep...

Time 2:30 PM. I was slouching on my laptop, perfecting the art of “open-eyed-siesta”, when I heard a girl weeping. The pupil-lid - not eyelid - that covers the pupil slowly opened. [Orthopedists have confirmed the mutation happening among Software Professionals. Most of them have developed a pupil-lid]. In my stupor I turned my head left and right. As usual my neighbors were half asleep pretending to do something. Blaming myself for dreaming in my grogginess, I let myself slip into my open-eyed-siesta again. No sooner did I close my pupil lid than I heard it again. This time the weep was more distinct. I stood up and scanned my surroundings to behold the source of the weep. And voila… a damsel in my office was indeed weeping - something unusual to my office env. [Btw, have you come across such situation? Just curious…]

So the chivalrous myself, got up and went to her to enquire about her problem. She said her cell-phone was stolen. That she had kept it at her desk before going for a cup of tea. When she came back it was not there! She tried dialing her cell number with no success. It was switched off - a clear sign of theft. She was convinced that it was some employee who has lifted it. I tried giving her and her friends some tips (and no hope) on what can be done. As the pitch of her weep started increasing, I fled the scene.

Two questions…
1. Why do girls cry?
2. Why do people steal?

If you were in her shoes, would you cry? I have lost valuable things but I haven’t cried on it. What makes a girl cry at the drop of a hat? I tried taking a dip in the Internet Ocean to search the answer-pebble to that question. I couldn't get one. However, I came across one interesting link. Here it is. Leaf through it. I liked this answer - "I know a man who said he has never cry(cried) and that men aren't suppose to cry and I cried when he revealed this to me, you see nonsense can also cause us (girls) to weep! Oh I cry every day!

Regarding the second question, let me try to analyze the mentation of a thief. To be precise, the mentation of a well-off thief who works in a software company. Is it the excitement and adventure that makes him do it? To steal and observe the reaction of others from the corner of his eye. Exciting, isn’t it? He can later go and sell the booty for some money! The excitement and the money – two birds in one shot! Yes...that might be the reason why they steal. Boy... they should be having a very active brain dipped in adrenaline.

My friend narrated this incident that happened in his college. During his 1st year, most of his batch mates started losing their stuffs including calculators, money, assignments etc. My friend himself had to buy three calculators in a year! Months passed before they finally caught the thief while he was submitting the stolen assignment. For the next one week this thief got royally beaten up. As soon as students see him, they would go and slap him on his face. For him getting slapped became synonymous to saying hi. He later moved out from the hostel to a rented house. He hoped his batch mates would forget and forgive him. That never happened. Soon he dropped off from the college. That is the last my friend heard about him. Was a theft worth an engineering degree? Was the reaction of the crowd appropriate? Think...

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