July 23, 2007

On Hell Fire

One doubt. How will you treat your good performers when they return after successfully completing an assignment? Will you ill treat them and punish them for their good service? Guess not.

Why would Mr. Satan ill treat the souls that are sent to hell when he knows very well that those souls favored him while they were in earth by committing quite a number of sins? Why would he let those souls burn in the "fire of hell"? Is hell facing a fuel shortage that it needs souls as fuel?

May be the big boss of hell is not satisfied with their performance. May be he thinks that those souls could have committed more sins; that they could have done better. But, if that is the case, then almost all souls will find it difficult to get a good treatment in hell. After all who can match the 'high' expectation of ol' Lucifer. Almost no one is going to be a perfect angel on earth nor will any one be a perfect daemon. So... does it mean that almost all sinners are gonna go to the red region of perdition due to not meeting Satan's expectations? Satan is known to be void of 'kindness' to consider the fact that one did his/her best to do as many sins as possible. That means almost all sinners are gonna taste 'fire of hell'.

But why fire? Why not ice water? Is hell facing a fuel shortage?


Anonymous said...

Try Milton's Paradise Lost.

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Anonymous, Thanks. Will try it. Added it to my Shelfari list @ http://www.shelfari.com/vishalaug/lists/Reading