July 09, 2007

Bernard Weber - The smart ass

I admire Bernard Weber. For he is perhaps the only person in history who has fooled millions across countries at the same time, and has made good money out of it. Smart and courageous entrepreneur. He even succeeded in fooling many country heads to go live on TV and urge their citizens to vote on Weber's website! His new7wonders.com played into the emotions of people and helped him fetch millions of dollars. Not many folks who visited his website and SMSed their choice knew that they are contibuting more to the coffers of this millionare. At that point of time all that mattered to them was emotion. Rationality took the back seat. I'm surprised why the fourth estate waited long to expose Weber!!

Btw, do you know his website's operation costs were minimum and efficient. Most of the softwares used by the website came from GNU/GPL open source. Here's a testimoney to that. I got this from new7wonders.com: "TYPO3 is a free open source Content Management Framework created by Kasper Skaarhoj and licensed under GNU/GPL."

Anyways, now that Berner chose the new seven wonders and made money, I'm eagerly awaiting his next new move. Am also thinking of starting a website called new7bangalore-wonders.com ;-)

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