July 23, 2007

The middle finger greeting

Another question on 'super souls': If you show your middle finger at Satan, how will he react? Will he be furious at the dareness of an earthling to lift his middle finger against the mighty Satan? Will he burn that middle finger of yours for the disrespect you showed? Will he turn you into ashes? Of course not! He will definitely not be angry! On the contrary he will be happy! Why? Coz raising the middle finger is an offense to the good guys. Not to the bad guys. For the bad guys that act is like "politely" saying "hello". The more abusive words one can use against an evil spirit the more happy it will be. It is like a foreigner talking to you in your native language. You would be glad to hear him talking to you in your mother tongue, won't you?

So... If that is the case, what would an evil spirit hate? - The opposite of abusive words! i.e. words like "I love you", "hello dear" etc. For them, good words and deeds, especially those directed towards them are anathema and torture. They simply can't stand it? They consider that as 'rude'! Guess that is the reason why the saying goes "Love thy enemies". That is the one true way to inflict true damage to your enemy provided the enemy is with the "bad guys".

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