July 04, 2007

Correct usage of "love"

Pick the correct usage

A) Love is blind
B) I'm in love
C) I fell in love

If you don't want to give your grey cells some exercise, I'll provide you the answers. Option-A is definitely incorrect. Love is never blind. YOU could be blind. That doesn't mean LOVE is blind. Blindness is associated with living things. Love is not a living thing. And hence it cannot be blind.

Love is like a ditch or cage. You can be IN a cage; locked and deprived of your freedom. Love can do the same thing to you. The English pundits have rightly used the preposition "IN" to describe love. No one says "I'm ON love" or “I’m BEFORE love”. They say: "I'm IN love". This brings back the cage simily. You can be IN a cage just as how you can be IN love.

The “ditch slimily” is much better than the “cage slimily”. For the simple reason that, many "experienced lovers" agree that they really FALL in love. They find it uncontrollable. Picturize this: A blind guy walking towards a ditch and then falling into it. There is no way how he can control the situation. Once in the ditch, he has got two choices: start liking his new environment i.e. the ditch, and continue living in it, OR try to get out from the ditch, for which he would need someone's help

So the best answer is C.

What do you think? Did someone help you get out? ;-)

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