April 29, 2007

A story of two friends

Two best friends embark on a journey through a desert...

On the way they have a verbal duo. The exchange heats up and in a fit of rage one hits the other. The one-who-is-hit is taken aback. He says nothing. He doesn't retaliate. He just squats on the desert sand and writes on the sand with his fingers: "Today my best friend hit me".

They continue their journey till they reach an oasis. Overjoyed by the sight of the oasis, both decide to take a dip in the water. While bathing, the one-who-was-hit steps into a muddy-marshy area of the pond and starts sinking! He struggles to get out. But he can't! He cries out to his friend to help him out! His friend rushes in and pulls him out.

After catching his breath, the one-who-is-rescued engraves on a boulder with the help of a rock: "Today my best friend saved my life"

Puzzled by what had happened, the one-who-rescued asked his friend: "Why now the boulder and the rock? Why didn't you just write it on the banks of the pond with your fingers?"
He gets the reply: "Because, good things are to be remembered and bad things are to be forgiven and forgotten"

Story narrated by Fr. Paulson in Ejipura Chavara Church

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