April 06, 2007


In the climax of the movie 300, Leonidas removes his helmet, drops his shield... and then his spear, to kneel before Xerxes.

What might have gone through his soldiers when they saw their king kneeling in front of their enemy? Hours back Leonidas - their king - had made an emotional speech glorifying martyrdom and inspiring them to fight till their last breath… for Sparta! And now… he is kneeling…?!

Even while Leonidas knelt, no soldier dropped their guard. They waited... patiently... with faith... for their king to give them the order. They trusted him… a lot!

Today... how many people have got such faith in their leader? Close to none? Forget about leaders... how many folks have got such faith in their spouse? When all odds are against you and you make one move that defies layman's logic, will your spouse be there, next to you, ready to support you without questioning you in public? If you have one such spouse you are one helluwa lucky person...

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