April 09, 2007

Another day comes to an end...

Time 10:45 PM: I get an MMS from a good friend of mine. It has this beautiful image of a sunset, with a message in it: "Another day comes to an end...”.

I didn’t expect the MMS at that time. I look at it and feel the smile spreading on my face. I reply to her: "Wow... That was nice... Brought a smile on my face :-)"

I was expecting her to feel good for acknowledging her ability to (a) capture that beautiful sunset and (b) being so thoughtful to send it to me.

But instead, I get this reply that states how lucky “I AM” to get such a message...! and indirectly pointing at my inability to send something similar to her! Knowing her for quite sometime, I knew she was half serious.

I thought: This last message of hers just took out the beauty of that first message. Didn't it? It is like gifting someone a beautiful present and simultaneously cribbing to him/her about the hardships he had to go through to get the gift. For a moment the person receiving the gift will think: Should I really accept this gift? All that hardships the “gifter” underwent (to get that gift) may never get paid off in the true sense. The “sadbhavana”, which is priceless, was erased by that one act of his

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