April 26, 2007

A Birthday Wish

Years back I was a firm non-believer in birthday celebrations. The excitement with which grown-ups, esp. girls, look forward to that "big B day" was a puzzle to me. For me it was just another day... that reminded the "birthday boy/girl" that one more year has passed! That he/she is getting older! That he/she has perhaps done nothing so far in his/her life!

That attitude of mine changed a couple of years back when I got a birthday wish from an unexpected quarter: A manager, whom I had least respect, called me up and wised me on my birthday. At that moment when he wished me, whatever anger I had against him melted! And I realized that my hard feelings against him have indeed reduced quite a bit. I thought: “If one gesture - a birthday wish - could do that to me, think what it does to the people around”. From that day onwards I have cultivated this habit of wishing folks on their birthday.

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