October 25, 2009

Advantage Women

While going through the flickr of a lady, I came across a few flattering comments written by a few netizen guys. The uploaded photos were quite ordinary. The comments - to any guys' naked eyes - were nothing, but an over zealous attempt of a guy to win favor from the girl - in the form of sugar coated RSVP. The i-net doesn't have dearth for guys who enjoy promoting the women talent ;-)

From the lady's reply to those comments, it was quite obvious that she was quite happy and motivated. And I was sure that she will practice more and improve her photography skills. The universe was conspiring to help her improve her skills.

While reading Che's "Motor Cycle diaries", I came across his experience of requesting a few folks for a photo shoot: "I asked if they will pose for a photo, which they categorically refused to do".

It reminded me of my own experience.

A few years back, while I was on a trip, I came across an interesting human subject, whom I wanted to capture in my celluloid. I went to him, and requested to pose for a snap. He sternly rejected my polite request.
"Perhaps it is the way I asked" I consoled myself.
After a few minutes, my lady co-traveler went and asked him the same question. And guess what..? He readily agreed!

Over the past few years this has repeated with regular intervals and incredible precision. The subject - male or female - entertains requests from ladies more than that from guys. Which brings me to another observation: Look at the blogosphere. You would see more 'ardent' fans and followers of lady bloggers than guy bloggers.

Alright... So, what point I'm trying to drive in? As the Alchemist would say "When a person desires something and ventures out for it, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his/her dream.”

I would go one step ahead and add to it: “It encourages and nudges the person towards his/her goal. In the modern times, this is more applicable to a girl* than a guy.”

So feminists..., it is advantage women :-)

* middle/upper class girls


sandeep said...

cudnt agree more. i too have a seen a lot of flickr profiles with ordinary fotos and too many 'wow' comments. guess what, most of them are from women :( same goes for women bloggers

btw ... i do believe that some women photographers have a POV that men cannot match. they can make beautiful shots out of ordinary subjects :)

Henri said...

Ok, I am not so sure that feminists are the sort who will enjoy your perception of "advantage women" - Feminists themselves don't suffer fools gladly! And as for the the men who "encourage" women - A. give these men some credit, they themselves may have no talent, and therefore genuinely mean the compliments ;) (kidding) B. I know a lot of women who fawn over the men who will not give them a second look over the internet, and because it's a public space like FB...the guy does respond because it does augur well for him to have adoring women on his profile!

It's not about women per se, but about a pretty face. And I really am a good photographer ;) even though men don't tell me that. Nice to see your blog, it's interesting.

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Sandeep, yeah... many have. And the uniqueness of the POV extends beyond photography ;-)

Ekta, I have read your blog. It is quite good - And I'm not flattering. Did not see the photo/flickr link though

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