October 02, 2009

A few unanswered questions...

A few questions of a four year old - i.e. my niece. Can you attempt answering some of those...? :-)

************ QUESTION SET 1 ***********

To her mother: "Amma, You have a few white hairs!!"
Her mom, (i.e. my sister): "Yes... every time you trouble me, each of my hair goes white"

My niece thinks for a while and says: "So Amma... when you were a kid, did you trouble grandma so much...? She has lot of white hairs..."

*********** QUESTION SET 2 ***********

Venue: Zoo; the cage of monkeys.

My brother-in-law thought this as a good opportunity to teach my niece the concept of evolution. He said: "Long time back, during the old days, we - humans - were apes - like this monkey"

My niece thinks for a while and says: "So Appa... was grandma and grandpa monkeys - when they were kids?"

*********** QUESTION SET 3 ***********

To her mother: "Amma, Is Jesus in our heart?"
Her mom: "Yes..."
My niece: "But our heart beats. If Jesus is in our heart he will be bouncing. Is that ok?"


PS: Amma means mother; Appa means father

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