October 03, 2009

A movie

The beautiful empty street, dressed in night, enticed us to take a stroll on it. After the sumptuous dinner, a saunter looked perfect. The silence, which surrounded us, magnified the beauty of the the partly lit street clad in its night gown.

We let silence speak between us for a while...

After some time she broke the silence. "Yesterday we watched a movie..." She was referring to herself and her sister
"A stupid one..."
"Why stupid?"
"It had this stupid scene..."
[ Silence ]
I looked at her, expecting her to continue...
She continued: "It had lot of nude scenes..."
Now..., THAT caught my TRUE attention...
"Who is the actress?" I tried to be casual
"Kate Winslet..."
"Wow...!!! " My mind said to myself.
With excitement suppressed - I asked in a controlled tone: "What is the name of the movie?"
"The reader"
"Wow... Okay... Once I reach my place, the first thing I'm gonna do is rent out that movie" I blurted.

She glared at me, and I returned a grin.


I did rent out "The reader" and watched it. Yes... My initial intention was to see some "Kate nude" scenes. But as the movie progressed, I realized I'm watching a wonderful movie with a brilliant story line!! I loved the script, the direction, and the acting. No wonder Kate Winslet got an Academy Award for her role.

Given below are some of the interesting dialogues of the movie


ROHL: Societies think they operate by something called morality. But they don’t. They operate by something called law. You’re not guilty of anything merely by working at Auschwitz. 8,000 people worked at Auschwitz. Precisely 19 have been convicted, and only 6 for murder. To prove murder you have to prove intent. That’s the law. Remember, the question is never ‘Was it wrong?’ but ‘Was it legal?’ And not by our laws, NO, by the laws at the time.


JUDGE: Did you not realize you were sending these women to their deaths?
He waits. HANNA nods slightly.
HANNA: Yes but there were new arrivals, new women were arriving all the time, so of course we had to move some of the old ones on.
JUDGE: I’m not sure you understand...
HANNA: We couldn’t keep everyone. There wasn’t room.
The JUDGE frowns, genuinely surprised that she doesn’t seem to understand his point.
JUDGE: No, but what I’m saying : let me rephrase : to make room, you were picking women out and saying ‘You you and you have to be sent back to be killed.’
HANNA: Well, what would you have done?


JUDGE: The first thing I’m asking is, why didn’t you unlock the doors?
HANNA takes a look to the other DEFENDANTS. For the first time her poise is crumbling.
HANNA: Obviously. For the obvious reason. We couldn’t.
JUDGE: Why? Why couldn’t you?
HANNA: We were guards. Our job was to guard the prisoners. We couldn’t just let them escape.
JUDGE: I see. And if they escaped, then you’d be blamed, you’d be charged, you might even be executed?
JUDGE: Well then?
The JUDGE waits.
HANNA: If we opened the doors, then there would have been chaos. How could we have restored order? It happened so fast. It was snowing. The bombs - There were flames all over the village. Then the screaming began. It got worse and worse. And if they’d all come rushing out, we couldn’t just let them escape. We couldn’t. We were responsible for them.
JUDGE: So you did know what was happening? You did know? You made a choice. You let them die rather than risk letting them escape.


DIETER: I started out believing in this trial, I thought it was great, now I think it’s just a diversion.
ROHL: Yes? Diversion from what?
DIETER: You choose six women, you put them on trial, you say ‘They were the evil ones, they were the guilty ones’. Brilliant! Because one of the victims happened to write a book! That’s why they’re on trial and nobody else. Do you know how many camps there were in Europe?

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thalathil dineshan said...

Very true..A brilliant script which was beautifully picturised and enacted.
And yeah, the nude scenes were an added bonus!