November 14, 2009

Drinking wine is an Art??!!

It is funny... They say drinking wine is an art! One has to first inhale its aroma; then take tiny sips; hold it in the mouth for a while and slowly gulp it.

Isn't it like like telling shitting is an art!
One has to hold it for a while, enjoy the pressure, and release it slowly.

Holy crap!

When I shared my view with my friend, she said it was "bad comparison". That I cannot compare something beautiful and elegant with something bad just because I was in no mood to appreciate it. That people can recognize where the grapes are grown by tasting wine - whether they are grown near sea or mountains. She said she thought it was exotic.

"Well... people can recognize what you ate by getting an air of your fart".

With my response, we ended our conversation

What do you think? Isn't this "wine art" stuff a marketing gimmick?


Sakeeb said...


I am not sure if its a marketing gimmick. But both your comparisons were awesome.

Amit said...

Well its a cool comparison but with a touch of spicy sarcasm. :-)

sandeep said...


Anonymous said...

You have a nice and very funny blog... i enjoyed reading it :)

rocksea said...

hehe funny :)

but if your question is serious, drinking wine could be an art... it is not a marketing strategy. am saying this cuz right now i am living in italy, one of the reputed wine makers.

anyways i haven't mastered it...

it is said that after opening the bottle, one should keep it open for a while either in the bottle or the glass so that the wine gets some fresh air and keeps its own aroma and taste, and discards any aroma from the bottle preservation.

the soil it grows, the weather, all can make a difference in the taste of the wine. i have heard that the grapes from the alpine mountain regions are good for white wine and not so for red wine.

... and the story goes on and on... like your fart

Anonymous said...

lol.... trust u to compare wine drinking to sumthing like this. I can never drink wine in peace now.

Arun said...


You are obsessed with shitting and farting :)

Kidding, heh :)

I also think all this wine drinking stuff is snobby to the core. But may be because I am not able to appreciate it.


Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Sakeeb, Amit, Angitha, Thanks.

Sandeep, :-)

Rocksea, Liked your conclusion ;-))

Anaonymous, Try thinking of it after you get a high out-of drinking wine.

Arun, actually my friend was right. Just because I cannot appreciate it, doesn't mean it is silly. :-)

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