January 03, 2010

blogspot.com blocked from China

blogspot.com is blocked from China mainland. Many a times there were interesting experiences - which I wanted to key down. For example,
  • Do you know how frog meat tastes? It tastes between chicken and fish.
  • It is difficult to get snake meat because China govt. has banned eating snake.
  • Eating with chopsticks is just a matter of practice...
  • The catholic prayer hall where I went was quite crowded. (Yes... I'm talking about Communist China)
  • India should get rid of its bastard corrupt bureaucrats and polliticans to catch up with China in growth. China is 20 to 30 yrs ahead of India.
And so goes the list...

It was a wonderful trip. And I really wished to stay back, explore & understand China.

But then... I had promises to keep. :-) So here I am - back in India - wishing you, the whole world and China a very happy 2010.

PS: Question: Can someone read these wishes from China mainland?


sandeep said...

finally ... updates from the china land :)

chinese vanmathil (great wall) kando? its one of the thingies in my bucket list ;-)

welcome back ... and wish u a gr8 2010

sujith said...

Vishal and Sandeep, Happy New Year!

Vishal, I can handle sushi with chopsticks, but how anyone can eat rice with those gadgets is beyond me.

Do tell us more about your experiences in China. It's as foreign a country can get in my book.

Anonymous said...

Promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep????

Anonymous said...

I tried but still I do not know how to eat with chopsticks.
wen I come to India can you teech me.
- Leya

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Of course Leya Kutti.

Btw, in these days I regularly eat in the chinese canteen with chopsticks

Anonymous said...

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