November 23, 2006

Space Problem...

My dept. has got chronic space issue. It keeps adding people. But never bothers to add more floor space. It has an excuse to it - bureaucracy. It seems that it takes six month to fly in the client and get the approval to work in a new office space. Seven people working in a cube is a very common sight in my dept.! Interviews for new candidates are conducted in aisles! None of these seems to bother the project office to speed up that 'bureaucracy'. They try to cover up all this with one mantra - With growth comes pain!

Whatever be the 'growth', I guess if the 'pain' lasts for more than a year, there is some serious problem with the upper management. Here's one dilbert cartoon that depicts the space problem. Check out Wallies' head. It is in the arse of the lady.

The funniest thing is, in spite of these problems, they try to project the dept. as the “Best Place to Work”. Instead of resolving the basic issues, they try to divert the attention of the folks by coming up with some gimmick!

Quite interesting…!

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