November 10, 2006

"NOT MY JOB" Award

Satan will be overjoyed to see this wonderful piece of work. It epitomizes Laziness - One of the seven deadly sins. People who stoop to such level hardly know the impact their act (or no-act) makes on others. (Or Do they know?) Bureaucrats fall in this category. This article (click here) shows how nasty bureaucracy in India can become. God save the common man. The same is seen in big companies. I have seen this deadly bureaucracy and laziness in my company. I used to get frustrated... but no longer. I guess I got used to it. These days I try to train new joinees on how to adapt themselves to the reality - that others laziness will impact them; that it cannot be cured; that... "What cannot be cured should be endured". I hope in that process I'm not turning into a lazy blot.

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