November 21, 2006

Conundrum of God

Certain chapters of Holy Scriptures are strewed with prophesies. Most of the prophesies draw a bad picture about the future. Through these prophesies the religion instills fear in its followers and thereby makes them obey its doctrines. My objective here is not to criticize the "stick and carrot" approach of religions, but to analyze those prophesies. Time and again lots of prophets have appeared in this little blue planet. Their “abstract” fortune-telling are similar to those that one will find in the holy books. Have you ever thought why these prophesies go abstract? If God is speaking through them – both scriptures and prophets - then why give something that is abstract? Why can't the prophesies be more specific? E.g. instead of saying "underworld daemons will destroy one forth of the human race" (which is tsunami), why can't they say "The sea will swallow most of the land on so-and-so date". Some might argue that phenomenons like tsunami were puzzles to the prophets themselves and hence they had to use such similes to convey the message to masses, who were not as educated as modern men.

Another version can be that, God is not really sure of the future. So He gives something abstract to the prophets, which they deliver. The beauty of such abstract prophesies filled with similes, is that one can fit any contemporary disaster to it. But why should God do that? Is He (or She) not confident about His predictions. Perhaps yes... He is not *that* confident and He is trying to get a bail through the abstract. But why on earth (and heaven) should God - the omnipotent - be unconfident about His own predictions? The answer partly lies in the book - God's debris. In that book Scott Adams raises a question. How can an omnipotent challenge himself? Perhaps the omnipotent gave a part of his powers to human beings. His current mission is to get all that power back by attracting the souls to Him and not away from Him. When He is dealing with an energy or form that has part of his powers, He is not quite sure how “that form” will react to his moves. His moves consist of religion that would lead the people to Him (through a “stick and carrot” approach): "if you do this then.... else...” Humans, that possesses a part of His power can choose that "else" and then another "else" and then another "if". How can one accurately predict when the numbers of such combinations are overwhelming? That can be the conundrum that puzzles God. And that can be the reason why He conveys abstract prophesies.

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