January 14, 2009

Trying to comprehend...

A wrestler is passing by a street...

A young thug, who is no match to the wrestler, doesn't like his walking style. He hurls verbal abuses at the wrestler. A group of elders, who watch these events unfold, look at each other and continue their boring, mundane and useless conversation. The wrestler too ignores those verbal abuses and walks away. Emboldened by the wrestler's reaction, the young thug repeats the same next day. The wrestler chooses to ignore it again.

The next day the thug - instead of throwing verbal abuses - hurls sharp objects at the wrestler.

How do you think the wrestler should react ?

A) Go, bash the thug

B) Take those hurled objects to those useless elders and crib "The thug threw these at me. I can call my forensic expert to prove it. You must do something!"

Israel opted for option A. Israel is still pounding Gaza for a good reason.

India opted for option B. India is still busy convincing Pakistan and the World, that the Mumbai terror attack was Pakistan's brain child.

Has this type of reaction happened in the past? Yes! To name a few... The Kandahar hijacking, the Mumbai bomb blast, the Parliament attack etc.

"Criticizing the government is easy. That too by sitting in the comforts of a corner offered by Bangalore" - You might think. Nops...! It is not about criticizing! It's about failing to comprehend the government's actions! I can think of many proper quid-pro-quo: i.e. from Naval blockade to severing all ties with Pakistan. Why can't the political leadership think in those lines? Why can't it deliver a fitting reply? Are the Delhi politicians scared that an atom bomb of Pakistan will first fall on Delhi – i.e. on their head? I feel terrible when the Paki "artists" and "entertainers" still keep visiting India with impunity to make money! What is this government doing?

In short... I feel ashamed of India's offensive against the 26/11 perpetrators.


Feluda said...

Israel attacked Gaza for good reason !!!
How can you say that ?!?

Can you please tell us what were those good reasons to kill children of Gaza ?

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Feluda, if someone keeps launching grenades into your territory, or someone keeps pelting stones at your home, will you keep mum? Esp. when you have the strength to react. Peaceful co-existence is equally applicable to ALL.

Agree, killing children or innocents is not good. But that is applicable to the Hamas, LeT and other bloody fucking terrorists. On what basis are they killing innocents. They do so and when someone strikes back with full force, they call it foul!!