January 18, 2009

Dumb or Smart?

First an incident... Then two questions.

The incident:
Venue: KFC Indiranagar

I'm scrumptiously gobbling the crispy chicken breast, but occasionally lifting my head to enjoy the CMH junction bathed in night. There is a girl sitting next to my table. She is having a loud animated conversation with her friend. When pieces of her conversation starts flying-in thick and fast, I reduce my pace of hogging, and start paying attention. She is talking about how the date with her prospective-groom went.

"When my mama showed his pic, I didn't want to meet him. But then I thought it is ok. Mama is putting so much effort. But still... I knew something was wrong. I get this feeling by looking at a person... you know what I mean... I'm that sensitive types."

"Oh... yeah?! What a surprise! Almost every girl I've met so far in this universe is 'sensitive' types! Nice to see one more namoona! (piece)" I thought.

"Did he look good?" Her friend asks with a calm voice.

"Yes... But not of my types. Anyways, I meet him. And Oh my God... It was really really funny. He was asking all stupid formal questions. He didn't know anything else to ask. And I was like asking him all questions hoping that, THAT will help him ask some sensible questions." She giggled "And you know what finally happened?" She paused


She continued "Before we parted he stopped and asked me my name!! Can you believe it!! Isn't that so dumb!. Like asking his date's name after such a long conversation!! I was like.. WHAT!! I went back and told my mom not to let me meet any such dumbos"
Her trumpery went on...

Now the question: Was that prospective groom dumb or smart?

I say he was smart. He found the best way to get rid of her: by asking her name as though he forgot!

The next question: Is that girl so dumb not to realize the above mentioned probability? Perhaps yes...


Seema said...

Haha oh you mean boys. and people say girls earsdrop!! :P

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

The narration was so loud...., and also interesting ;-) :D