January 26, 2009


One of my niece's favorite cartoon hero is Mayavi. Because of that, I obviously find pleasure in pulling her legs by calling her Luttappi, whom she hates.

The “I'm Mayavi, You are Luttappi” fight keeps happening between us... - All this till recently she stumbled upon the fact: that Puttalu is Luttappi's uncle or mamman.

A few days back while I was video-chatting with her, she asked me in a cute manner "Mammanae, do you know who is Luttappi's mamman?"

Amid control laughter I decided not to call her Luttappi hereafter... - a promise hard to keep.

Btw, my niece is turning 4 years tomorrow. Happy birthday Laya...


Abhilash said...

You took me a trip down memory lane...Mayavi, luttappi, kutusan, dakini, lottulodukku, gulgulumalu :-) Ha, those days!

And hey, don't worry, puttalu is not a bad name afterall :-)

sandeep said...

cute :)

i wonder if balarama is still available. is mayavi still going on?

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Yes Abhilash, it is not that bad, esp when your niece tells you about the character ;-)

Sandeep, Yes... it is still popular amongst kids...