April 13, 2008

Forecast of the week

Everything appeared boring - the book I was reading, the animated discussions of the co-passengers, the artificial smile of the beautiful air-hostess... everything! I folded my book, eased my seat belt a bit, and pulled out the magazine - The Week - which was lying in the next-to-next seat. I flipped through the pages. Nothing interesting was there either. The political situation, the Agni missile, the market crash, the romance of some bollywood actor... the magazine had nothing interesting to report!

I lifted my head and was greeted with a fabricated smile by the air-hostess. I returned a phony smile and went back to the magazine. I turned the page and there it was - Forecast of the week by KK Vamanan Namputhiri.

Being a Taurian, I went to the section that read "Taurus". It read "This week make sure you do either of the thing: get married or find a new business partner". I froze!! Only a couple more days were left for the week to end. And I have not yet found a girl to marry!! Forget about business partner… that will not happen in a couple of days. With the resolve to find a girl within the next two days I closed the magazine.

I lifted my head… and my eyebrows, and took a deep look at the air-hostess. Did the hunter get his pray? My eyes narrowed, and moved from her face to her body… to her belly… and that is when I noticed it: Her stomach was bulging! Was she pregnant?!! “Wrong choice...!” I said to myself.

Mr. Namputhiri, I’m better off without your advice.

PS: Horoscope believers please excuse this sarcastic post.


Barbed Sulks said...

I love reading the forecast in The Week at the end of the week.. It's good fun.

So far - a dead relative has left me a fortune, I've been married thrice, and friends and acquaintances found me extremely witty.

Sadly none of those have happened so far.

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Alka, god bless the fortune teller. Let all those predictions come true. And let your husbands be super rich ;-)

sandeep said...

most of these forecasts are pre-ordained ;) isnt that the reason why u were in the flight? :)

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Yeah... yeah... I missed one opportunity. Hope the stars will once again favor me. Eagerly waiting for that... sd/- ;-)

Anonymous said...

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