March 17, 2008

Job opening ads

Have you seen some of the job ads? Sometimes the requirement, in terms of years-of-experience, in a nascent technology exceeds the age of that technology itself! Long time back seeing those requirements I used to get baffled. Slowly, as time progressed, my eyes (and brain) got trained to such ads. I classified them as "advertising gimmicks" of the recruiting companies.

But it took a dilbert cartoon strip to let me realize the real and true motive behind such ads :-)
Click here to see the 29-Feb-08 strip…

In the strip, Catbert (the evil HR director) posts a job opening. The requirement states: Candidate must have an I.Q. of 300, Two Centuries of Unix Experience and a track record of winning Nobel prizes.

After posting the ad, Catbert thinks with a smug: 90% of my job is convincing people they don't deserve theirs.

PS: HR professionals, please excuse this post.


sandeep said...

how true! infact ... a gud interview is supposed to be one where the candidate is confused whether he'll make it or not ... and feels grateful once he/shez seleted, while the interviewer is sure abt the candidate :)

transparent said...

Hahah, now that's truly catty of Dilbert and the rest of them who do this.
I wonder if any would turn up at all in response to ads like these.I don't understand the equation!It's like daring people to venture into their fold, huh?

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

I know some HRs try to prove that the applicants are not worth the money they are asking for. I think Scott did a good job putting that entire message in a small strip

Preetha Nair said...

heve tagged you...check my blog pleaseee :) :)