March 03, 2008

Tell Me Why

While hopping from channel to channel I came across this performance by Declan Galbraith. It is called "Tell Me Why". I loved the 10 year old's performance. He has got good control over his voice...! I managed to catch two philosophical lines in the lyrics ;-)
Everyday I ask myself what will I have to do to be a man?
Do I have to stand and fight to prove to everybody who I am?
For other trivias of this music that set a world record, click on the link above. And if you know where to download the free mp3 of it, please drop in a word ;-)


Shabna said...

good one..stirs a chord some where deep inside...

Sophroniscus Dialectic said...

Yep.. Shabu... :-) I don't know whether all will like/agree-with this comparison: I see something common btw this song and MJ's Earth Song